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Teacher's Personal Markbook for Windows

Do you need a convenient markbook program? Teachers Personal Markbook for Windows is the markbook application that takes the hard work out of recording student results and doing calculations on the marks. Using TPM for Windows saves you time and effort, and the results are accurate too. No need to worry about setting up a spreadsheet like Excel, with TPM for Windows all the calculations you need are built-in and ready to go.

When it's time to print the results you can use the flexible print commands that include: tables, lists, statistics and charts. TPM prints out class roll sheets too! If you are not using dedicated markbook or gradebook software you may be wasting your time, and if you do have a markbook are you satisfied with it? Does your current markbook fully support Windows 7 and Vista?

Click here to visit a page where you can download a free trial version right now, or find out more about the comprehensive features of TPM for Windows.

Teacher's Personal Markbook for OS X

Teacher's Personal Markbook for Mac OS XAvailable Now! Don't use Windows? Prefer using an Apple Mac? Teacher's Personal Markbook for OS X is the markbook for you. With all the powerful abilities of the Windows version, but built from the ground up as a Mac application, while remaining compatible with markbooks from TPM for Windows.

This markbook allows you to open and save markbooks made with the Windows version, and vice versa. The perfect markbook solution for a Mac user, or for teachers in a dual platform environment who need the flexibility or not being limited to just one operating system.

TPMX has been given an "Aqua" make-over to ensure that it follows the Apple interface guidelines, while still being instantly familiar to any Windows users of TPM. At the same time taking the opportunity to fine tune the interface and command structure to make it better.

Click here to visit a page where you can download a free trial version right now, or find out more about the powerful and easy to use features of TPM for OS X.