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A markbook packed with features

Teacher's Personal Markbook is packed with the gradebook features you need to save time, and money. All editions of the markbook, Teacher's Personal Markbook for OS X and Teacher's Personal Markbook for Windows both include these powerful features.

Extensive set of calculations

The calculations include:

and more! All these calculations have been designed and tested by a Mathematics teacher and thoroughly proven by the thousands of teachers already using markbook programs from Scott McDonald PC Services.

To make setting up calculations easier the Calculation Assistant command guides you through the steps required for the most commonly used calculations.


Once you have your student marks you often need to print them out. While computers are increasing available, having a hard copy is still important in many contexts. The markbooks can print these types of information:Marks


and more! And there is the Print Assistant to help guide you through some of these. In addition to these, you can also store and print notes about your students and the assessments and exams. You can even print an instant report summary for each student for Parent Teacher Interviews and "Meet the Teacher" nights.


Complete manual

All of these features are documented in the integrated help manual. Every command is explained in the manual with a search facility to help you find the answers you need.

 And it you then still have question the is technical support which free! Have a question? Just send an email to Technical Support to get a personalized answer.

Other features

The markbook is packed with more features including:

and, of course, more.

Low cost

Do you have to pay annually for your current markbook or gradebook software, or are you charged for support? With our markbooks you don't pay extra, which saves you money.

You get all this for a one-time payment. There are no yearly fees with Teacher's Personal Markbook for OS X and Teacher's Personal Markbook for Windows – purchase now and get a lifetime license.