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Why is TPM called a markbook and not a gradebook?

Teacher's Personal Markbook is a gradebook program. The difference is in the name only and not in the function. For historical reasons, TPM uses the term markbook instead of gradebook simply because that was the most commonly used term in the district where this teacher tool was first developed. Mathematically TPM does include more options than a traditional gradebook for working with numbers and grading students. Often a gradebook has relatively fixed methods for determining student grades, while TPM aims to be more flexible. So in one sense, markbook is a better name for TPM, but ultimately it is a gradebook program too.

The first gradebook program produced by SMPCS was based on a local tool named the Motorised Markbook (see page 4). As our program was inspired by the features of the Motorised Markbook, we decided to use a similar name. While that program appears to no longer be actively supported and the term gradebook is more popular, we have decided to continue with the name Teacher's Personal Markbook to acknowledge the roots of this grading program.

All the features you need to weight and scale student results and scores to produce a single numerical total, or to produce a letter grade, exist in TPM. As well as additional features to graph results and display student progress. In addition, you can print forms for keeping class rolls and student attendance information. Lastly, you can print instant student reports suitable for reporting student achievement in an easy way.