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Markbook Software for the PC

Teacher's Personal Markbook for Windows is your gradebook program for scaling results and grading students on the Apple Mac. With it you can:

No matter whether your school already has a gradebook, or you are currently using a spreadsheet like Excel to do your grades, TPM is designed as a gradebook for you. It has built-in calculations so you do not need to set up formulae. It can weight a set of marks using z-scores or, if you prefer, the standardization can be turned off and raw scores can be combined directly. Have you ever tried to correctly assign rank positions taking into account students with equal results with a spreadsheet? Teacher's Personal Markbook for Windows can do it simply.

If you have been using a Mac markbook that is no longer actively supported, then Teacher's Personal Markbook for Windows is the application you have been looking for. Produced by a company with 22 years experience making markbooks there is a wealth of experience put into TPM. With a proven track record of support, with TPM you get a gradebook that you can count on.

A Windows markbook may be what you need, but what if you work in a mixed environment with Mac users? Teacher's Personal Markbook for Windows is the gradebook solution that is 100% compatible with the Teacher's Personal Markbook for OS X. Markbook files made with either version can be freely opened, edited and saved. This makes Teacher's Personal Markbook for the perfect application for teachers and schools that need to cater for the needs of different users.

A centralised database of student results simplifies the production of school reports and tracking student progress. Teacher's Personal Markbook is not a replacement for such a system, but what if you want to store other information about your students that are not catered for in the centralised database? With Teacher's Personal Markbook you can store the information you want. Teacher's Personal Markbook is an electronic gradebook you can run from your local PC - anytime. You can even run it from a USB drive to use anywhere you are.

Do you want to get a head start with your student reports? TPM allows you to draft your comments for the school reports complete with spell checking facilities. The information in Teacher's Personal Markbook can then be exported either as a file or via the Windows Clipboard to use in your other school software.