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TPM for Windows Site License

This is a licensed Teacher's Personal Markbook for Windows download page. This page is only available for approximately five days. The installation file is registered with a Site License in the school's name and is only for the school shown below.

Download and Installation

Download tpmw-install@suffix.exe

After downloading the Windows install file you can run it directly from your browser, or by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the Start button, and then select Run.
  2. Choose the Browse button to change to the folder with the file tpmw-install@suffix.exe.
  3. Select tpmw-install@suffix.exe and choose Open.
  4. Choose OK.
  5. Follow the prompts until the installation is finished.

Here are some tips that will help you get started with TPM.

Getting started

In the help, that is opened from the Contents command in the Help menu, these sections are recommended reading if you have not used Teacher's Personal Markbook before.

Reading each of these and becoming familiar with the How do I? section the fastest way to understand Teacher's Personal Markbook.

Administrator password

To use any command in Teacher's Personal Markbook that needs the Administrator password, you can use sunshine which is the default password until you change it – which you should do – with the Change administrator password command in the Tools, Advanced menu.

Make a copy

Please copy the tpmw-install@suffix.exe installation file onto a CDR for future use. This web page is temporary, so you should download the file before this page expires.

If you have any questions about installing Teacher's Personal Markbook please contact technical support: tpm@smpcsupport.com.